Kanakapady, Badiadka , Perdala(P.O), Kasaragod, Kerala,
India, 671551

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Assisi Snehalaya
Home for the aged only for women
An Exceptional Tradition
Franciscan missionary sisters of service

Our Aim

Providing assistance to the elderly is the primary goal of this organization. Our goal is to help create a society where aging responsibly and with dignity is valued and supported. In order to support senior women holistically and help them lead active, respectable, and healthier lives, we strive to provide a home environment, attention, and care.

Our Vision

Serving the underprivileged and worthy segments of society is the mission of Assisi Snehalaya. Our mission at Assisi Snehalaya is to rescue, love, and care for God's hurting orphans in accordance with the biblical mandate. God the Father's heart is reaching out to them through us as we carry out this work, in our opinion, because we are obeying Christ's instruction.

Our Mission

Improving community well-being is our goal. One of our primary goals is to provide elderly people with a safe haven. In our ongoing mission to lead the long-term care industry and improve the lives of elderly women by providing them with innovative, all-encompassing, compassionate care, we will offer services that help seniors stay strong, independent, and healthy.


Franciscan missionary sisters of service

Our stance is one of "caring for the carer."Our goal is to create a "home away from home" where senior women who come to stay with us for any reason can find safety, comfort, help, spiritual relief, and protection. We can help you regardless of whether you need to remain in your own home, need assistance with an older relative, need to consider your options for lodging, or need advice on how to pay for care.

In order to live a healthy, worry-free, and anxious-free life, seniors require comfort and care during this delicate time of life.Offering a comprehensive range of primary care services to our patients in a compassionate and caring manner while utilizing the most recent developments in medical knowledge and technology is the main objective of Assisi Snehalaya.

We support the mental and physical well-being of the elderly. Our goal is to provide seniors with the best possible senior care services so they can continue to live happy, fulfilling lives in the comfort of their own homes and communities by providing interactive caregiving.


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Awesome Services

We are dedicated to providing skilled nursing care while upholding the dignity of our residents, and our professionally trained staff is proof of this. For your loved ones who require extra care and support with daily living, we offer a secure and warm home.

Environmental Safety

rospective fall hazards and other risks may become apparent after a thorough inspection of your loved one's living space. Goals that stop preventable home accidents that could result in serious injuries are crucial.

Health and Wellness

Keeping your loved one on a regular, healthy schedule can be achieved by scheduling important dental and eye doctor visits in advance. In addition to keeping painful conditions from developing, good oral health can maintain your loved one's ability to eat and enjoy food.

Exercise and Activity

Setting exercise goals can help keep your loved one engaged and proactive.seniors can perform gentle stretching and strength exercises with assistance and reap the benefits of regular physical activity.

Emotional Health

Scheduling time with friends, encouraging interaction with other family members, and utilizing elder care services in the area can help everyone stay goal-oriented.Don’t forget that your emotional health is important, too!

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